Jason Segel: Nude scenes are embarrassing

Jason+Segel Appearing on The David Letterman Show, Jason Segel talked about his new movie, love Tape, in which he stars opposite Cameron Diaz, admitting that doing nude scene for the film was an embarrassing experience.

He said: ”It’s the worst part of the whole thing. It’s the other men in the room – because you can’t come out there naked so they make you stuff yourself into a pantyhose-looking thing.

”So I look like Mr. Snuffleupagus. You can see other grown men shaking their heads in shame and pity, eating sandwiches. There’s nothing sexy about it; there’s a lot of that.”

”I had to lose a bunch of weight because I’m naked in a lot of the movie. Cameron is incredibly physically attractive. I didn’t want the audience to look at a poster of the movie and think, ‘I think they’re not having love because he’s a fat ass!’,” Segel added.

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