Jason Statham affected by homeless

jason-statham-london-premiere-of-hummingbird_3723526 Doing a research for his role in Hummingbird, Jason Statham met a lot of homeless people and has been deeply affected by their stories.

The actor plays a homeless man living on the street in the movie and he worked closely with charity St Martin-in-the-Fields, in London, in order to understand his character better.

He said: ”I met a lot of people there who had a profound effect on me. Every story we hear is unique, captivating and interesting. But they’re also sad and tough to hear. They helped me shape the character.

”As an actor you work to the script, that’s our main priority. But you have to be aware, and look around for things that help you bring that little bit extra, that touch of realism that rams the point home.”

jason-statham-homefront-red-carpet-premiere_3963851Statham also points out that homeless people are often ignored by other people and says that their stories should be heard.

”These are people who are invisible at times. They walk around and people don’t give them any attention. They try and reach out and talk to people, but people just ignore them. If you spend a bit more time talking to these people, you get an insight into something that not many other people ever get to know about,” he added.


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2 responses to “Jason Statham affected by homeless”

  1. Alexa says:

    I simply love Jason Statham! I am happy he realizes that besides the script you need to feel the character and know what life homeless people lead to portray as he did this in the Hummingbird I cannot say I liked the movie very much, but Jason was acting perfectly as always. It was unusual to see him in a new image, new look, new social status. He is right, homeless people are very often ignored and neglected by us, but their experience and strength of the will are very often beyond our expectations.

  2. Tara says:

    Jason Statham is one of my favorite Hollywood actors. He is very handsome, fit and strong man. I liked The Hummingbird movie, though it was very different from the rest of the movies where Jason Statham acted. He has revealed to the audience a new character, a new fresh image of the people, who are neglected by the majority. I think he brilliantly rendered the image of the homeless man with his difficult life of survival.