Jason Statham: People don’t want to see me in dramatically challenging roles

jason_statham_637777 Typecasting can be a problem for actors and Jason Statham knows it better than anyone. He is known for his roles in action movies and although he would like to play some more dramatic character, Statham is aware that people wouldn’t want to see that.

He said: ”You can’t have a sushi restaurant and then put cheese on toast on the menu, because they’d go, ‘why did you do that? We came here to eat sushi.’ The dilemma is that you have to do something that people want to see. So if you’ve got a story about a depressed doctor whose estranged wife doesn’t wanna be with him nor more, and you put me in it, people aren’t gonna put money on the table. Whereas if you go, ‘All he does is get in the car, hit someone on the head, shoot someone in f***ing feet,’ then, yep, they’ll give you $20 million. You can’t fault these people for wanting to make money.”

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