Jeff Garlin talks about recent arrest

jeffgarlin About a month ago it was reported that Jeff Garlin was arrested for breaking the side window of a woman’s Mercedes-Benz with his hand during an outing in Studio City, California. The actor claims that those reports are false and that they have caused stress to himself and his family.

He doesn’t want to reveal any details, but insists that the rumors aren’t true. Speaking for New York Times, Garlin said: “Look, I can’t talk about it because, even though there are no charges, I still have to meet with somebody from the city. So I don’t want to be glib about something that’s serious. But I can tell you that it’s just not sexy. And not what was portrayed. It was horrible being in jail, although I’m gonna have a great routine about it. But the greatest stress, for my family and myself, was that what was being written and talked about truly wasn’t true.”

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