Jena Malone’s nude incident

jena-malone-hunger-games-catching-fire-nyc_3964610 While filming a nude scene in a hotel,  Jena Malone accidentally flashed at a hotel employee.

The actress was shooting a scene for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in a hotel elevator but she had an embarrassing run-in during filming.

“We were actually shooting in a real hotel, and a real elevator, so they couldn’t really shut down the entire hotel,” Jena said on Live! with Kelly & Michael talk show.

“It’s like 49 floors, a glass elevator, everybody can see in – it’s kind of a crazy thing. I think at take two, I’m bare-boned, and I’m about to leave the elevator. And the doors open and there’s some guy that works at the hotel carrying a coffee cup holder and this mouth is just agape. And I’m staring at him trying to be in character, and I just fall out of frame laughing. I couldn’t take it.”

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2 responses to “Jena Malone’s nude incident”

  1. Johnattan says:

    Ahahahahahah! This is hilarious! I wished I were entering the elevator at that time. I am happy Jena laughed and not run away or screamed or hit the poor man, who got their by chance. What a lucky chance, though!!! We will see her body on screen and here he saw the naked star. I am jealous!

  2. Melany says:

    Ahahahahaha! Thanks for the great article. Indeed a hilarious story. I wish I were there too. I try to imagine Jena’s face at that moment and I explode with a wild giggling. Well, this is life and funny moments of the movies are taken from it as well. Maybe they will make it a scene in the movie?))