Jennie Garth suffered from anxiety

In her new memoir, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, Jennie Garth reveals that she has suffered from severe anxiety since she was nineteen. The actress says it was difficult for her to do simple things such

Jennie-Garth as going shopping and felt extremely uneasy around strangers.

E! News obtained an extract from her book, in which Jenny writes: ”I felt comfortable–almost comforted–by all of the workers buzzing around me during the day, but after hours, I’d find myself getting anxious when strangers approached me.

”And so simple tasks, like going to the grocery store, or the mall, or to get gas, became overwhelming exercises in having to be ‘on’ when my natural inclination was to shut down and not interact with anyone. I…began to suffer a level of anxiety that as, at times, nearly paralyzing. When the panic attacks started to kick in, I became even more withdrawn.”

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress also reveals that she and her co-star


Shannen Doherty were like “gasoline and a match” together while working on the show and “came to blows one time”.

She says: “When she’d pulled up my skirt, and my bare ass was exposed for everyone on the set to see, I did snap and I yelled at her, something to the effect of, ‘Come on, b**ch! We’re talking this outside!'”

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One response to “Jennie Garth suffered from anxiety”

  1. Michele says:

    Well, nineteen is the right age for anxiety, I mean like many young people are insecure when it comes to strangers and when there are many people around. This happens due to the fact that many people of this age and not really self-confident and finding faults with themselves on many levels. This causes their anxiety and uncomfortable feeling. So, I believe even celebrities had their hard times, especially in their teen age.