Jennifer Aniston being talked into ‘Friends’ reunion

aniston 2014 might be the year of Friends reunion. And we’re not talking about just celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show’s launch, but a serious project.

It is said that the producers want to reunite the original cast and if Jennifer Aniston agrees, we might see Friends together again.

Since the sitcom ended in 2004, Jennifer has been busy making movies but she is being ”slowly convinced” into a reunion. 

A source told OK! magazine: ”Since the show ended in 2004 it’s been rare for all six of them to appear in public together. But with next year’s 20th anniversary it will be Image-friendsunavoidable for them to do something together. It’s the perfect excuse to talk seriously about a new project. It’s no secret the whole project will be pinned on Jennifer, who’s incredibly busy with her movie career. But she’s been slowly convinced that a reunion could be a good thing.”

Courteney Cox has been telling Jennifer that she and Matthew Perry have still got that amazing chemistry after shooting just a few scenes with him guest starring on her TV show Cougar Town. It was as though no time has passed at all,” the source added.

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One response to “Jennifer Aniston being talked into ‘Friends’ reunion”

  1. Alice says:

    I love Jennifer Aniston, she is an amazing actress! I remember the days when I was hurrying form school home to watch Friends show and I am so excited about the possibility of reunion of this hilarious and fun sitcom. I hope the idea will find the response and they will really make a reunion. This is what I would enjoy to watch and recollect the old great days when I was a fan f TV series, this one I would be watching for sure!