Jennifer Hudson never thought about becoming an actress


She is a Golden Globe and Oscar winner, but the truth is Jennifer Hudson never actually considered acting. Her primary goal was to establish herself in the music industry, which she has accomplished after competing on American Idol, but Jennifer also made it big in the movie industry.

She said: ”I always wanted to sing and make my living doing that, it’s that simple. But God always gives you a little bit more than you asked for and I ended up acting. Now I’m an actress and singer and it’s so weird.

”I never thought about acting, but because of American Idol I had this platform and Barry Manilow arranged the song I was eliminated off on as if it was ‘I’m Telling You’. It had the same structure and people thought I was singing ‘I’m Telling You’ and from the performance they started saying Jennifer Hudson for Effy White in Dreamgirls.”


Despite her huge success, Jennifer still can’t believe she won such important awards for her role in the movie.

”As far as Dreamgirls all I wanted to do was get my lines right and do the job I was hired to do and I ended up winning an Oscar, and it’s still surreal to this day,” she added.

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4 responses to “Jennifer Hudson never thought about becoming an actress”

  1. Harry says:

    This is where you start believing in fate and one’s cup of tea. This is where you start believing in one’s mission from above. You see many people want to win Oscars and other awards like Leonardo DiCaprio, but to some reasons and causes they fail. And there are people, who never think of even stepping in the acting career and reach the amazing heights like in case with Jennifer Hudson. I wish this wonderful actress more interesting roles and unforgettable awards. People love you, Jenny!

  2. Johanna says:

    Hmm, I guess Jennifer Hudson is simply being modest, I am sure she is very talented, and she always dreamed not only of a carrier of a singer, because becoming an actress is not that simple as it looks to be, you need to be very talented in the first place, and in the second place you need to attend the school of performing arts, otherwise you will not earn any success in this life. I am sure Jennifer worked out a lot in order to be able becoming an actress. And all the things she is trying to say are just not right, and I don’t really like the fact that she is showing off, honestly speaking I thought that she is much a better person, than she is right now. Well, anyways that is life, and I do hope that one day stars will start being honest with their fans.

  3. Keyla says:

    Hmm, I guess when a person is talented, has ambitions and is able and willing to work hard, than everything in this life is possible, it is simply impossible for people to live and have a decent life they are dreaming about if they do nothing about it. I admire and respect Jennifer Hudson for all the achievements that she has made in her life. Like for example she became a wonderful singer, but that was not enough so she struggled to become also an actress. But the most amazing thing about her, is that it didn’t stop her from being the wonderful person she is, as she helped thousands of women throughout the entire world by giving them the confidence that they can lose their shape same as she can, and really is doing. She achieved a great success, and I am sure that it is mostly due to the power will which she is showing to have.

  4. Urias says:

    Now that the Hollywood’s stage is conquered, same as the singing area, I am wondering that next will happen with Jennifer Hudson, what will interest her? Hmm, for modeling she doesn’t have a perfect shape, I mean she has a pretty good one actually, but certainly not the best one. Maybe she should start a designer line of clothes, I am sure that she can make up something really amazing, especially if for the women who are same overweight as she is, I mean was. It is pretty obvious for me that she is struggling pretty hard with overweight that she has, so eventually it would be a great support for her as well as other women who are in the same situation to continue doing something for the sake of everyone.