Jennifer Lawrence taking break from acting

1CE67268 For the past couple of years Jennifer Lawrence was one of the busiest stars in Hollywood. She’s been working hard for quite some time, making eight movies in the past twelve months and now it’s time for her to take a break.

Moviemaker Harvey Weinstein, who worked with Jennifer on Silver Linings Playbook, has revealed the young actress is planning to step out of the spotlight for a year once she completes all her work commitments.

“She’s going to have a long break for a year where she won’t do anything,” Weinstein said. “It’s been non-stop for her, and she deserves a rest.”

“Jennifer is too nice and will do people favors and agrees to do a movie like ‘American Hustle’ when she could have had a rest. She signed on to do ‘Hunger Games’ when she was young and wouldn’t have realized how much it would dominate her life. But she’s a professional and always will be,” he added.

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2 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence taking break from acting”

  1. Anthony says:

    Jennifer indeed has reached the heights at such a young age that many stars cannot get in years. Eight movies in a year this is I way to much stressful and exhausting. I believe she really needs a break just not for a long time so that people won’t forget her. Still eight pictures to be sine for a year with her are more than enough to keep up with Jenny, while she is about of filming. Then with the new forces she can get back into acting gladdening us with her immense acting talent and charm on the big screens.

  2. Mario says:

    I will miss Jennifer for this break, but she works hard and manages to take part in so many movies during one year, that I am sure when she is back there will be much to see after her arrival and I am sure with new fresh forces her talent would be more interesting to watch.