Jennifer Lopez: Marc Anthony split was ‘devastating’

jennifer-lopez-american-idol-season-13-special_4025584 Speaking to Glamour magazine, Jennifer Lopez said that her split from Marc Anthony was the toughest thing she has ever experienced.

The two got divorced in 2011 and JLo admits that it was devastating.

She said: ”Back then the pain hurt so much, but I didn’t want what happened to finish me. I wanted it to help me grow for the better. I didn’t want to just survive it; I wanted to come out of it stronger than I was before.

”It took a lot a digging deep to do that. Right now I’d say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, because of the kids. When you’re this little scrappy girl and things happen, you just cry yourself to sleep. But when you’re responsible for two other human beings and their lives and emotional wellbeing, that’s a jennifer-lopez-golden-globe-awards-afterparty-held_4023090biggie. You’re constantly wondering: ‘Am I doing the right thing here?”’

Still, Marc and Jennifer managed to stay friends. Asked if she still loves her ex, Lopez said: ”I do. I love him as the father of my children and as a friend. That doesn’t mean that we were meant to be in marriage forever though.”

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5 responses to “Jennifer Lopez: Marc Anthony split was ‘devastating’”

  1. Kristin says:

    I can understand Jenny. I just cannot understand why they slit and why she thinks they were not meant to be together. Nowadays it is hard to surprise someone with a very rich wedding, one should surprise with the long-lasting marriage. With the wrong morals and values it is hard to stick to one marriage and one relationship. With the right one, there is nothing impossible.

  2. Gary says:

    Breaking eth marriage with someone you truly love is devastating and having kids from this marriage makes you realize you could have worked on it, but something just didn’t work out. Maybe it was not meant to be, but maybe there was not enough time and effort on both parties. I believe when there is a will, there is a way or at least a few lawyers! LOL

  3. Kylie says:

    Well, what can I say; everything comes to an end in this life, though I never thought that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez would ever divorce! Actually I never thought they could even marry, as she was so gorgeous, while he was a kind and good person always, but his physical appearance unfortunately was not that breathtaking. When those two married I thought Jennifer had really noticed that there is a wonderful man near her for whom her happiness matters much more than her own, the person who would eventually love and praise her till the rest of their lives, but that was just not meant to happen. Jennifer simply destroys all of the men that are by her side, and only after that she can rest in piece by performing the role of the hurt woman, and the men whom she was not able to break were simply leaving her. That really s**ks, and now because of her stubborn and tyrannical character she is dating with a man that is twice younger than she is, of course it is probably good from the physical point of view, but life is not only about physics, what possible interesting topics those two can discuss if they are like completely from different eras, besides Casper doesn’t really make the presentation of a very smart guy.

  4. Dana says:

    I am very sorry that Jennifer, has went through so many things, and it is a real shame that with all her beauty and money she still gets to suffer as much as the other simple and regular women in the world. I always thought that this kind of suffering is not subject to Hollywood stars, but clearly I was wrong. I always thought that Jen is a very proud woman, so saying something like that by her sounds like something very amazing for me. The only things I feel sorry about are the twins, as I understand that no matter how friends they have stayed, still the fact that they do not live together anymore, as well as the fact that no matter how Jennifer is hiding that, she still is very upset with Marc Anthony for cheating on her, and her trust towards him. These kinds of things women usually do not forgive or forget, and the more they try to show the opposite the more they really suffer deep down in their soul. Children would eventually feel and realize everything, as their daddy is no longer living with them, as well as they see some other man near their mom all the time. Unfortunately it is much easier nowadays for people to divorce and give up on each other, than forgiving and giving each other some more chances.

  5. Gabi says:

    I feel so sorry for Marc Anthony, I am wondering why did he ever married with this bi*** Jennifer Lopez, she is like that spider who after being with her spider male is killing him by biting of his head, she always does everything she can in order to ruin everything she can in her man’s life in the case when he really loves her. Why does she does that all the time I am wondering, maybe she just doesn’t like being single and with her strong character she doesn’t really need a man. Some people just do not need some special person by their side in order to be happy, so maybe it is exactly her case, well what goes around comes back around, so her attitude causes her stresses and suffering, don’t feel sorry for her at all.