Jennifer Lopez turned to ex-husband before Casper split


Before ending her relationship with Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez reportedly spoke with her ex-husband Marc Anthony and sought advice from him.

A source told E! News: ”One person she got advice from is her ex Marc … He’s been supportive and great through this all.”

Lopez and Smart grew apart and decided to split, but the separation was amicable and they will stay friends.

The source added: ”She will definitely still keep things civil and actually still loves him. The hard part is the kids love him too. He has become a part of her family. It’s not going to be one of those breakups where you never see them together again.”

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3 responses to “Jennifer Lopez turned to ex-husband before Casper split”

  1. Gina says:

    Wellin this situation the only person i feel sorry about as he is the only one who gets to suffer about it is Casper, he was always very nice towards Jennifer, and despite the rumors my personal opinion is that he never used her, he was simply enjoying the time they had together, and in this relationship,he really cared about Jennifer, maybe the fact that he didn’t really discuss their split is because he still hopes it is not the end and they will keep being together, though i perfectly realize that it is an utopia which will eventually not bring him to anything, as she is the one who made the decision that that’s it and they do not belong to each other anymore, she always was the one who decides.

  2. Britney says:

    I think it is super humiliating for Casper Smart to read articles that Jennifer Lopez was discussing her pirvate life with him with her ex husband Marc and was asking him for an advice regarding their relationship, eventually comsidering the fact that he still has feelings for Jen he didn’t gave any positive answer about Casper to her, that was obvious, and it is not fair towards Casper this kind of circumstances as that was the lose lose situation for him,with this kind of special “advisor” he didn’t had even a small tiny chance, and that sucks as he seems to be a very nice person to me, but than again Jennifer Lopez knows better what is good for her,the fact that she was advising with Marc about him already makes clear that she has no feelings for Cas.

  3. Rosie says:

    Finally they split, actually i am very much surprised with the fact that their relationship lasted for so many years, when it comes to me i really thought that it will be a few months and not more. I never thought it will be almost same situation as Britney had with Kevin Federline, though this situation has finished much better, Casper doesn’t demand any money from JLo and stayed brokenhearted in this situation. I hate when people are using other people, especially if those other people really do love them. Jennifer used him right from the beginning,and i am wondering is it me, or anyone else sees that Smart is the younger and prettyer copy of Marc Anthony?!