Jenny McCarthy: I feel sorry for Amanda Bynes

Jenny-McCarthy-0014 40-year-old actress Jenny McCarthy says she feels sorry for Amanda Bynes and thinks she needs help. Jenny and Amanda had a feud on Twitter recently and Amanda wrote some pretty offensive things, just like she usually does. However, Jenny doesn’t want to fight with her.

She explained: ”At night you know how you repeat stories you read? So I repeated that the police were at Amanda Bynes’ house. I guess Amanda Bynes responded to me saying I was an ugly 80-year-old bleep. I just went ‘Oh no.’ I immediately said ‘sorry girl, just looking out for you.’ And the backlash between her fans and my mommy warriors was a war going on for three hours. I feel so sorry for her. Why would you talk bad or upset someone who has a possible mental disorder? So I’m going to stay out of it.”

amanda_bynes_631359Former Playboy model says that she was a bit scared when Amanda lashed out at her and added: ”That’s somebody that I’m not going to start a war with.” After Jenny’s tweet in which she says she’s just looking out for her, Amanda wrote: ”Thanks! I’m sorry I offended you! You’re beautiful! I was lying! I’ll delete our tweets!”

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