Jessica Alba doesn’t care about ‘Fantastic Four’ role


The next Fantastic Four movie will be released in 2015 but Jessica Alba, who played the invisible woman in the previous two films, won’t be in it. And, the actress doesn’t really care who plays her character Sue Storm.

When asked how she feels about Kate Mara, who has been cast in the role, playing Sue, Jessica said: ”I don’t have any sort of real attachment to anything like that. I’m like, the more the better, I don’t really have any idea. It’s not like I created the comic book. I think Stan Lee [the co-creator of Fantastic Four] should have a say in who plays Sue.”

The truth is Alba didn’t even know who had been cast as her replacement.

”I don’t read entertainment news so I’m not aware of it, but I love that comic book and it’s such a great story about family and staying

jessica-albatogether,” the actress said.

”Morally, it’s nice to have that series out in the world for young people to watch that. It’s so positive. There’s a lot of negativity out there and I really love the core of what that comic book is about. The more that’s out there the better, I think it’s great.”

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3 responses to “Jessica Alba doesn’t care about ‘Fantastic Four’ role”

  1. Jannet says:

    I agree with Jessica Alba ‘Fantastic Four’ is a very nice movie on the comic book that teaches people positive things and uniteness with friends and family, to appreciate your roots and nature, treasure your culture, if I can say so. This is interesting that Jessica Alba seems not to care who will cast for her character in this amazing movie. Maybe she is juts jealous or maybe she doesn’t really care that is very strange. Still, she has her own life and professional career. Therefore, one cannot judge her. I wish her success in any of her projects and look forward the new Sue soon.

  2. Eva says:

    Mm, honestly speaking it is a real pity that Jessica Alba will not continue performing in the “Fantastic Four”, I hate the sequels there the main actors are being replaced by the other ones. And honestly speaking this replacement with Kate Mara really sucks. They are totally different, Jessica has an angelic face and very beautiful fragile body, while Kate looks like she has been chopped from a wood, and her face will need really a lot of cosmetics in order to make it look at least a little bit nice.

  3. Inna says:

    Hmm, Jessica Alba will not perform in the sequel of the “Fantastic Four”, that really sucks, how the movie will go on without her? She is the main component, and couldn’t they replace her with someone more beautiful, or at least beautiful? I am sure that this is why Jessica didn’t comment anything regarding the actress, she simply didn’t wanted to offend her by saying what she really thinks of her physical appearance, while it really scared me. Jessica was always knows as sweetheart with a very good character who will help anyone around with everything she has. Maybe that is why the entire America loves her. And the other thing I really love about her is the fact that I do not read rumors about her, she is all into her own family and she doesn’t appear in any kind of dirty news that is very refreshing in the today Hollywood world. I wish some other actresses could follow her wonderful example; I am sure this way the quantity of divorces in Hollywood would reduce at least two times.