Jessica Alba doesn’t listen to her children’s opinions


When it comes to holiday destinations, Jessica Alba doesn’t let her kids have their say.

The actress admits she doesn’t listen to Honor and Haven’s opinion and believes that if it were up to her little girls to decide, they would probably have the worst vacation.

Speaking to, she said: ”I do not listen to my kids’ opinions. When they pay for the vacation, they get to dictate where we go. Until then, Mom and Dad are in charge. It would be Disneyland every day — that would be the worst vacation ever!”

This summer Jessica is taking her daughters to the south of France, where her mother-in-law has a house, and is very excited about that.

”There’s so much lavender and greenery, she has a couple acres out there so the kids run around and it’s really nice living that country lifestyle for a little bit,” she said.

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