Jessica Simpson wants intimate wedding

jessica_simpson_667938 According to sources, Jessica Simpson is planning a small intimate wedding. She and her fiancé will invite only family members and close friends to the ceremony.

A source said: ”There will probably only be 75 to 100 guests. Jessica will definitely not invite more if she can help it. She wants to have only really close family and friends – the kind of people she speaks to a regular basis.”

The ceremony will probably be held in Santa Barbara. Another source told National Enquirer magazine: ”Jessica has always loved the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, and it’s also a pretty convenient location for most of their guests. She just wants something classic and beautiful that takes your breath away. She won’t plan out every little detail at once; she’ll think about it for a bit, the do more important things – like be a mother and take care of her newborn and daughter. The wedding isn’t her only priority.”

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