Jessica Simpson will never do reality show again


After starring in Newlyweds with her ex-husband Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson will never do reality TV show again.

She said: ”I would absolutely not ever do reality TV again.”

However, Jessica doesn’t regret doing the reality show at all; she just doesn’t want to participate in that kind of program again.

She added: ”I am blessed that I did have that show. It allowed people to come into my life, and to know me as a person, and I owe a lot of my support — my fans came from that because people could relate to me.”

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2 responses to “Jessica Simpson will never do reality show again”

  1. Rene says:

    She doesn’t need it, anyway. I’m glad she and Nick have seemed to learn from that mistake and have both moved on with their own families.

  2. Tracy says:

    I think she is a down to earth, genuine, southern girl who got caught up in a world where sex sells. I think she cherished her marriage, but through a lot of the show u can tell she wasnt happy. Then it became nothing more then a contract & she seen the bright side of staying (people seeing who she is – getting noticed). Now she is happy, doing great in life, making music, not worrying about so much superficial. I don’t look to Hollywood for Role Models, but she is a woman I really do respect.