Jim Belushi: My son should be starring in John Belushi biopic

Jim Belushi-VAK-000586 Jim Belushi wants his son to portray his late brother John in an upcoming biopic.

The actor is convinced that his 33-year-old son Robert would be perfect for the role and he is urging the producers reconsider casting Emile Hirsch as the tragic funnyman.

Belushi tells Tmz.com, “I think he (Hirsh) is a terrific actor but I think they should have got my son, Robert Belushi… My son is 33, same age as John when he passed, and he looks like him… He’s a comic actor and he’s really good. He would nail it…”

The biopic starts shooting in the spring (2014) and will focus on John Belushi’s final tragic years.

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2 responses to “Jim Belushi: My son should be starring in John Belushi biopic”

  1. Torsten says:

    I bet Jim Belushi made a great choice. I trust his professionalism and who can really depict a family member better than a part of this family? So, I do not think there should be any further discussions. I am looking forward to the work be done and the movie appear on screens. I will be looking forward to its realize. By the way, cannot wait to see Jim Belushi’s son in a biopic.

    • Mat says:

      I support Jim’s idea too. Who can do better than the grandkid of John Belushi? Besides he is very talented ad resembles his granddad. I also believe in Jim’s professionalism and I am sure he cannot make a bad choice.