John Goodman: ‘I look terrible’

john-goodman-uk-film-premiere-of-the_4063397 Speaking to Daily Telegraph, John Goodman opened up about his body image issues and admitted that his weight bothers him.

Goodman has struggled with alcoholism and weight problems since the beginning of his career. He wishes he wasn’t so fat and he actually hates watching himself on screen because he looks much bigger than he feels.

He explained: ”I wish I wasn’t as fat as I am. It just bothers me. When I saw a film in which I played Santa Claus recently, I walked away thinking, ‘This is just God awful. I look terrible. I want to have my mouth sewn shut.”


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One response to “John Goodman: ‘I look terrible’”

  1. Cate says:

    John Goodman is fat, though he is a nice actor and there are many roles for the fat actors. Still, he is fat and he admits this fact and he doesn’t like it, he cannot look at himself without remorse and guilt he is eating much. I believe when there is a will, there is a way. I he is not satisfied with his looks, he can go on dieting and do the sports to enjoy life to its fullest and feel better and look better not only on the screen , but also mirror and like his reflection. The key to success is in his own hands.