John Travolta: I don’t think about bad things in life

3639john-travolta-g-day-usa-2013 Speaking for Daily Express, John Travolta has revealed despite the losses he has suffered he will do his best to stay positive.

The 59-year-old actor lost his son Jett who died in 2009 at the age of 16 and he also recently lost his close friend James Gandolfini, who suffered a massive heart attack. However, Travolta strives to stay optimistic and move on with his life. ”I deal with it and move on. There’s no point becoming angry or sad or using up important time in life. I know people can become bitter or cynical, I am not like that … I cannot think about the bad things in life. I’d not lose a moment’s sleep over them because I know the truth. The downs of life have not been significant to me,” he said.

68470John says he always tries to concentrate on all the good things in life. He added: ”I think of the up things in life. Moves? I love them. Music? Yes, always key to enjoyment. Dancing? I still dance with my daughter and son. I get to travel to place like this and be treated wonderfully. I was made so welcome with people who show genuine warmth.”

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