Johnny Depp buying house in London


After spending some time in the UK last year, Johnny Depp and his fiancée Amber Heard loved it so much they are now thinking of buying a property in London.

Speaking to The Sun, Amber’s father, David, said: ”I think they will have at least a weekend retreat in England soon, around London as they both love it so much – and I enjoy visiting.

”Last September they were both in England and they were in a hotel. Then they rented something on the edge of London. They love it, I’m sure they will buy something there.”

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3 responses to “Johnny Depp buying house in London”

  1. Mary says:

    I just cannot understand, how come it is a normal thing that Johnny Depp has left his family for the sake of some young and bisexual actress! I think it should be an insult for a normal man even to consider dating with this kind of girl, not to mention getting to marry with her, i think for some reason he went nuts, or maybe Amber Heard is a witch who has charmed him, as i remember the beginning of his romance with Vanessa Paradis how much he loved her and how he was shouting that loud on each corner he could. The thing that he did to Vanessa is a real betrayal i think she didn’t deserved that for all the years of love and loyalty that she has dedicated to him.

  2. Jane says:

    Honestly speaking when i first heard about Johnny’s relationship with Amber Heard i didn’t really paid attention to it, as i thought those are simply rumors, but now i realize that it is not quite true. And the funny thing is, i cannot understand what can be possibly common between those two, for me they are people from two different worlds, with two different lives, that is why i barely can uderstand what they are doing near each other, i guess it is a sort of a joke )). And i can’t get rid of the thought that it is not fair towards Vanessa, who is broken hearted, and for who i am sure it is very painful to follow all the news about those happy two, probably same feeling has Demi Moore while watching upon Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

  3. Nola says:

    I think Johhny Depp is making a great mistake while starting a relationship with Amber Heard! Ot is pretty obvious to me that his affair with her, is nothing but the result of the middle age crisis. Awe come on, she is double younger than he is, and if following her previous life, than i would rather say that she is interested in girls and not in guys at all, this way i can say that it is more than a sure fact that she is using Depp and his influence in order to be more popular, and stay on the top of various ratings, as soon as she will realize she doesn’t need him anymore for her carrier she will forget about his existance. So eventually he will stay alone, as he already lost his loyal wife and great family with this kind of behavior.