Julia Roberts: ‘George Clooney is a treasure’

d527c78d3c7a6f016b09dd3de89e1f26 In an interview with Mail on Sunday newspaper’s Event magazine, Julia Roberts praised her good friend George Clooney and said he was ”a treasure”.

Julia has revealed that while they were filming Ocean’s Twelve together George took great care of her.

She said: ”He is such a treasure. When we did the second ‘Ocean’s’ movie I was pregnant and they really mollycoddled me. You would have thought I was made of porcelain. I couldn’t walk up the steps at George’s house without, ‘No, you’ll be on the first floor in this little bedroom here, don’t take the stairs’. It was so sweet.”

julia-robertsJulia also said that Clooney would make a great father. ”I talk to him about that sometimes. He would be a great dad but you know what, he takes care of a lot of people in a lot of ways,” Roberts explained.

However, George has said more than once that he has no intention of becoming a father.

He previously said: ”What do you do? Should I go, ‘I got to get me some kids right now!’ Then rush out and impregnate someone? Look, what I do know is that I was raised in a loving, happy family. I don’t have any dislike or distrust of that.”

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4 responses to “Julia Roberts: ‘George Clooney is a treasure’”

  1. Pat says:

    George is a very handsome and sweet man. This is so appealing. Nevertheless he has remained a convinced bachelor. I even cannot see him in the role of the husband r a dad. Well, I believe we all make choice in life. And this was his choice. Who we are to judge this amazing actor’s choice? We all choose our ways of happiness. His point of view has right to exist. Still, it was nice to find out he is so kind and nice to so many people around him. He is also a treasure fo the Hollywood cinema I believe.

  2. Gina says:

    Wow it is so sweet that Julia is talking so well about George Clooney, I always thought that he is a selfish person who doesn’t care about anything except himself, but now it turns that he is a very caring man. I am wondering why he isn’t making some kids of his own, ok if he doesn’t want to take care of them, he can hire a whole army of nannies, but still he will leave something in this world after himself. Why not, and I am sure as soon as he will first feel the baby moving in the belly of his woman under his arm he will realize that the kid is not even born yet but he already loves him or her.

  3. Angel says:

    Awe, I wish George Clooney have finally marry and make some of his own kids, I don’t know why but for some reason I am perfectly sure that he would be a great father, one of those who are not living their child under the sight not even for a minute. Usually these kind of confident bachelors are really caring people by their nature, but only in the case when they meet the right person, and realize that they want to go further with this person. I guess we all find that special person at some point of our lives with who we realize that all of our childhood dreams really can come true.

  4. Josephine says:

    I just love Julia Roberts. She is so natural in everything she is doing; she is not a part of all those Hollywood gossips and vulgar life. She is more concerned of some other values in this life, such as family and her beloved husband, instead of worrying about getting a new role or showing up on some award in a fancy dress. I like her unique style of performing and laughing, for some reason when I watch her movies, I feel that she has put a part of her soul in the role she is performing, as she is so real like she really convinced herself that it is not a role but her own life. I think if there were some more sincere people in this society like Julia, than our world would have been much better.