Julia Roberts knows Meryl Streep ‘more intimately’

julia-roberts After working with Meryl Streep on August: Osage County, Julia Roberts believes she understands her esteemed colleague ”more intimately”.

Julia worked alongside the award-winning star in the movie adaptation of John Well’s play and she praised her for being ”even cooler” than she thought.

Speaking in December’s issue of Marie Claire magazine, Roberts said: ”I had many imaginary conversations with Meryl about working together… When a person goes from being on a pedestal in your mind, to even cooler, better and more fabulous up close, you get to understand them a little more intimately.”

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One response to “Julia Roberts knows Meryl Streep ‘more intimately’”

  1. Julia says:

    I adore Meryl Streep and Julia Roberst. So, I am happy the two have found the common language and that Julia has revealed more of Meryl’s nature. I like both of the ladies. They are brilliant and multi-talented to my mind. Good luck in all their projects!