Julia Roberts not keen for kids to act

julia-roberts-15-09-2013 Even though she loves her job, Julia Roberts doesn’t know for sure if she would want her children to pursue an acting career.

The actress, who has three kids, says she wouldn’t completely dismiss the idea of seeing her children following in her footsteps but isn’t certain if that’s what she would want for them.

She told HELLO! magazine: ”You have to approach each child differently and each desire that they have different and it’s brought me an enormous amount of joy, my job, so I wouldn’t just dismiss it. But I think I would investigate it, especially if they were a child.”

Julia also said that she prefers her kids to read books instead of watching too much TV. ”Those nice, cozy, very short hours before bed, we just really spend together as a family talking and sharing the day and reading books, and really, before you know it, it’s time for bed. We’re more book people in our house,” she added.

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One response to “Julia Roberts not keen for kids to act”

  1. Robert says:

    Wow! What a wise and great mom Julia Roberts makes! I admire her for thinking that very kid needs a special approach as personality and that she pays attention to their talents, desires and likings in life. I am happy she wouldn’t force her kids to take up acting as their profession. I am also very happy that it is a book reading family. I think it is a decay people prefer watching TV over reading a book these days.