Julianne Moore: We can all learn from ‘Carrie’

julianne-moore-premiere-carrie-04 Talking about her new movie Carrie, Julianne Moore told Wenn that the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel can teach the society some important things about the issues marginalized, lonely kids are facing.

“The character of Carrie was based on two girls Stephen King had gone to high school with; both of whom were extremely isolated and marginalized by everyone at school – one by extreme poverty and the other by her parent’s extreme religious views,” Moore says. “He combined them and came up with the idea of Carrie. They both died in their 20s of different causes. The story is really what the cost of that social isolation is; when you do marginalize people what are the consequences?”

moore-moretz-premiere-carrie-01The actress believes that learning more about these kids can help prevent another school massacre like those that happened in Columbine or Newtown. “The book is about the cause of social isolation and the rage that ensues from that. I don’t want to minimize what happened in Newtown but that was a boy who was extremely socially isolated. He spent a lot of time alone. I think there are real dangers to people being left out,” Julianne said.

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One response to “Julianne Moore: We can all learn from ‘Carrie’”

  1. Bill says:

    Indeed, social isolation leaves a deep psychological imprint in hearts and souls of young people, especially during school years, since teenage is the most sensitive period in life of every person. I am happy such movies as ‘Carie’ appear on screen. Julianne Moore is a brilliant actress. I cannot wait to see the film.