Julianne Moore went on laundry strike during vacation

julianne Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres talk show Julianne Moore talked about her family vacation this summer and how she spent most of her time cleaning after her kids.

The actress and her husband took their kids to Long Island for a vacation, but the trip wasn’t relaxing at all. She has revealed that at some point she had to go on strike and stop doing the laundry.

She explains, “I thought I’d relax this summer, but mostly I did laundry. I have rules about it, especially about towels, because we’re near the beach… But nobody did anything. They put their wet towels everywhere, clothes were all over the house. The house was so messy, that I went on a laundry strike. I said, ‘I’m not doing it anymore. You can just wear dirty stuff.’ My son’s bedroom was so dirty that our dog thought it was a place to go to the bathroom.”

However, the strike didn’t last and she finally broke it herself.

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One response to “Julianne Moore went on laundry strike during vacation”

  1. Judie says:

    Julianne Moore is outstanding actress and an Inspiration to me in my eyes. I would never have thought she was so tidy and lazy!!! I wonder how difficult was it to do the laundry? Where there not washing machine? Poor lady! We all have to do with not very caring about tidiness husbands and kids, especially on vacation. With her income and living in 21st century doing laundry with the automatic washing machine is EASY! Poor she has to go on strike. I wish I had to do laundry to be on the beach the entire summer with my family. LOL