Justin Theroux annoyed with Jennifer Aniston’s dad moving in

aniston14f-1-web According to the National Enquirer magazine, Justin Theroux is not happy that his fiancée Jennifer Aniston invited her father to move in with them.

The couple recently   finished renovating their $21million mansion in Bel Air, and Justin hates it that Jenn wants her father John and his wife Sherry to live with them. Aniston’s father and his wife have recently put their house on the market, but couldn’t find a suitable place to stay, so Jennifer offered her home.

A source said: ”Justin is steaming mad over Jen’s offer. He told her that having her dad ambling about the house is a huge ‘buzz kill’. He worries it’s going to destroy their love life before they’ve even tied the knot. Justin tried to plead his case, but Jennifer told him she’s made up her mind. She said he has no john-jennifer-anistonright to even question her because of how much time he’s been away.”

Theroux has spent a lot of time in New York lately, working on a new movie. He is worried that Jennifer’s father John will try to interfere with their personal affairs.

The source added to the magazine: ”John is already pestering him about when he’s going to have marry Jen and give him a grandchild.”

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2 responses to “Justin Theroux annoyed with Jennifer Aniston’s dad moving in”

  1. Lina says:

    Jennifer is crazy. She is definitely changing her mind about marrying Justin. She was thoughtful and now she welcomes her dad and his wife to live with them? Why? No money to rent a house until they sell their home? What is it? A great daughter’s love or simply desire to find an excuse not to marry. Her father is asking for a grandchild, while Jenny is not sure if she really needs one as it was recently posted. Well, looks very funny form my point of view. IMHO!

  2. Cezara says:

    If I were Justin I wouldn’t tolerate Jenifer’s father at our common home. They are not a poor family and can afford living nearby, but not under the same roof. The couple should be thinking of their relationship at this moment, if Jennifer is still willing to start a family even that late. She loses this chance by acting stupidly. No relationship works well with the parents involved no matter how good they are.