Kaley Cuoco’s proposal started with a fight

GTY_Kaley_Cuoco_and_Ryan_Sweeting Newly-engaged Kaley Cuoco, who announced last week that she was heading down the aisle with Ryan Sweeting, told Entertainment Tonight that the proposal was a complete surprise.

She said: “He actually started a little fight with me and threw me off. I was like, ‘Oh my God, things aren’t great.’ He surprised me at the end of the night … when he popped the ring out. It was amazing.”

“From day one I just knew immediately and it’s been magic. We have all the same family friends. We grew up with the same people, we just never met. So I kind of feel that I’ve known him my whole life. I know that it seems a little crazy on paper, but it’s what works for us,” Kaley added.

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One response to “Kaley Cuoco’s proposal started with a fight”

  1. Claire says:

    I do think that people can have whirlwind romances that truly last, but what I find kind of weird here is that he initiated a fight to surprise her. I don’t know… something seems wrong with upsetting your significant other when you don’t have to. Maybe she’s not sensitive, but it is not fun to be mad, so I would not want someone using that as a diversion even for a proposal. They do seem happy and comfortable though, so best wishes to them!