Kate Bosworth enjoys being a stepmom

kate-bosworth After marrying Michael Polish, Kate Bosworth became a stepmother to his 15-year-old daughter and she seems to really like the role.

The actress tied the knot with the filmmaker this summer and has officially become a mother figure to Jasper. ”I’ve never had an older sister or brother, and she’s an only child, so I feel we really understand each other in a special way. If I can make a positive impact on her life, that will make me incredibly happy,” Bosworth told Los Angeles Confidential magazine.

”Having Jasper in my life takes me right back to being that age. It’s challenging – it’s a time when you’re so hard on yourself, and not for a great reason, but because you haven’t experienced enough to be able to understand a lot of things,” she added.

PANews_N0499851378115901525A_I1The couple met in 2011 and exchanged their vows at Rock Creek in Montana this summer. “We live to make each other happy and to support each other’s lives,” Kate explains. “It’s a powerful thing because I want him to be at his ultimate potential. I’ll do anything in my power to support that, and he’s the same. And so in that there’s power in two.”

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2 responses to “Kate Bosworth enjoys being a stepmom”

  1. Jude says:

    I am happy for the couple. I am also happy Kate has found the common language with the stepson and enjoys the new role. I wish happiness to the new family and I hope it lasts. This is very good when harmony and equilibrium is kept in the family and glad that Jasper has found a new mom for him. Good luck!

  2. Tina says:

    This is great when a woman accepts her man’s kids and enjoys it and loves the kids. I am very happy to hear Kate Bosworth is enjoying her new role, not only as Michael Polish’s wife, but also Jasper’s step mother. The couple looks happy and this cannot help gladdening us, auditory. Good luck, guys!