Kate Winslet explains why she named her son Bear Blaze


We all know that celebrities like to give their children unusual names, but still, everyone was a bit surprised when Kate Winslet named her new baby boy Bear Blaze. Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the actress finally explained the origin of the name.

“We were thinking about names during the pregnancy and actually I had never, when I was pregnant with Mia, when I was pregnant with Joe, I didn’t name them before they came out because I always felt like I had to see them and see who they’re going to be,” Kate told Ellen.

“Of course this time around, there’s Mia and Joe and the whole pregnancy is about what are we going to call the baby,” she added.

Then Kate revealed how they came up with Bear.


She said: “A friend of mine when I was younger was nicknamed Bear, and I just had always really loved it and he was very much a bear, he was everyone’s shoulder to cry on, he was a big bear hug, he was just this great figure in my life, and I just always remembered him and that’s where it came from.”

“And then Bear’s second name is Blaze because my husband and I met in a house fire basically … and the house burned down and we survived. But we wanted something of the fire,” she explained.

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5 responses to “Kate Winslet explains why she named her son Bear Blaze”

  1. Lisa says:

    I see celebrities are choosing very strange and extraordinary names for their kids. I understand why the bear, but Blazer has to do with the tragedy, but also happiness. I wonder how this will affect the life way of the new born in Kate Winslet’s family. The names really affect our fates and I hope that Bear Blazer will take only the best form the name that his parents have given him. I hope he will turn into a strong and successful man to become a real supportive ‘shoulder’ for his close people and be loved.

  2. Latifa says:

    I enjoy reading about Kate Winslet every time I have the chance, in the first place due to the fact that she doesn’t give interviews or appears on any kind of live shows very often, in the second place due to the fact that she has the right morality values built in her head, that is why as soon as I see her it is interesting for me to hear about her new thoughts. I enjoy listening about people who are being very successful in their life, but at the same time on the top of their priorities is standing their family; I find it an awesome thing. It is too bad that not at least the majority of Hollywood actors are thinking the same way, because if they would than their families would be much stronger, not to mention the great example that they would carry into the society as well as the example to all of their fans.

  3. Maria says:

    I think it is kinda cute that Kate Winslet has named her son Bear, why not, why do people are calling their children as: Autumn, River, April and all sort of the states or cities name, and calling a child Bear is already something weird? It is very nice of her to mention that she named her son in the honesty of the good friend that she had awhile ago. I imagine how pleasant it was for her friend to find out about it, as well as the fact that she after becoming a star still remembers of him. I guess it shows Kate Winslet one more time from a very nice way, she is as pure in her real life as she is in the “Titanic” movie. I think she is one of those few actresses who are bringing a good subject into the modern cinema. But I am not sure whether it is good for a boy to be that shoulder for everyone to cry on, I think it is more for the guys who are not very popular around girls, while Kate’s kids will surely be popular no matter what, as they were born already being popular.

  4. Courtney says:

    Well done Kate Winslet, honestly speaking after reading this article I found myself curious about knowing who is the father of the baby, and to my surprise I found out that this Ned is a new husband of Kate. But the most surprising thing was how she changed, I remember in the “Titanic” movie she was quite chubby but still very beautiful, but in all the pictures I saw she had a gorgeous body, and it was pretty obvious that she works out a lot at the gym. Now I think I want to start all kind of workouts as well, and I am sure that the result will appear quite soon, all I have to do is believe in it.

  5. Trish says:

    Strange name, weirs second name! There are so many nice names that are common and pleasant to hear, who would celebrities go crazy and call their kids animals, insects and even natural events?! WTF is happening in their heads when they select the names for the newborns?