Kate Winslet wants to grow old gracefully

kate-winslet-bump Kate Winslet is strongly opposed to plastic surgery and she wants to grow old gracefully. The actress says she wants to look like ”truly beautiful” Hollywood legends Judi Dench and Meryl Streep when she is older.

She told Time Out magazine: ”My generation of actresses is incredibly lucky. We have people like Meryl Streep and Judi Dench to look up to. Isn’t it interesting that those are the actresses we all want to watch? The ones who look real. You can see their lives in their faces. Those are truly beautiful women.”

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One response to “Kate Winslet wants to grow old gracefully”

  1. Aunty Jein says:

    I agree with ate! The modern tendency to plastic is something very spread and weird. I have never understood young girls making boobs of plastic and lips resembling monkey’s ass. This is disgusting! Who has said it was beautiful. I cannot stand this Botox faces. Yes, no wrinkles, but look like dolls – nothing left from alive person. No life can be read from a plastic face – beware!