Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx

katie-holmes-jamie-foxx According to multiple sources, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating.

It is reported that Katie has been secretly hooking up with her ex-husband’s former best friend for the past two months.

A source told In Touch magazine, ”Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while,” adding that Foxx secretly spends time at Holmes’ New York apartment. ”They’re very Mission: Impossible about their romance.”

The couple have been spending time together at Katie’s apartment in Chelsea, New York, and she also stayed at the Trump Soho Hotel with him for a night while he was filming his new movie Annie in mid-September after which his driver brought her home the next morning.

A second source said: ”A hotel employee confirmed that Katie had stayed at the hotel with Jamie and that she was taking his car. So the driver drove her home to her Chelsea apartment.”

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One response to “Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx”

  1. Layla Lowton says:

    I think she should, date someone closer to her own age, after what happened with Tom Cruise. Still, I am unsure of this. If it is meant to happen, then it will happen. Maybe they are just friends and the media has taken it the wrong way. Tom was too controlling.