Katie Holmes shares beauty tips


When it comes to beauty, Katie Holmes always sticks to what her mother taught her when she was a young girl – natural look and light make-up are the best. And it’s this minimalist approach that she incorporates in her work with Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Speaking to French ELLE magazine, Katie said: ”My mother, Kathleen, is a decorator. She’s always told me that looking natural is the most beautiful. Make-up should make us refine our beauty. The creative side of the job is really fun and I discovered that the responsibilities that go hand-in-hand with it could also be fascinating.”


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4 responses to “Katie Holmes shares beauty tips”

  1. Monique says:

    I agree with Katie Holmes. The bet thing is go natural and refine what Mother Nature has given for you. There are no ugly women, there are those, who just cannot use make up to show their best features and hide imperfections! When you are skillful with make up, you are always beautiful! Besides, the beauty lays in confidence as well.)

  2. Jess says:

    I think Katie Holmes looks just awesome now, and honestly speaking she looks even better than in the times when she was young, I mean the times before Tom Cruise, I don’t mean that without him she was nothing, but still by his experience and care he was able to unravel all the beauty and hidden potential that she has, and it is already a huge something. And of course I certainly agree with her, in order to look beautiful it doesn’t necessarily mean the use of a huge variety of cosmetics, I think in the majority of cases no cosmetics at all, would be a perfect choice instead of having a bunch of it on the face. I was dating a man a long time ago, when I was in college, who was allergic to cosmetics, I will never forget his swollen face as soon as he kissed me, and how fast we were running to hospital, awe Gosh that certainly was very funny, hopefully one day I will never get to go through same again.

  3. Linda says:

    Katie Holmes really does look good, but I think it is mostly due to the fact that she is too young now in order not to look well. It is not her time yet to look old, I am sure that it will happen sometime later. Now it is the time when she is supposed to enjoy every single day without any makeup. My mom taught me that the later I will start using all types of face crèmes or liquid foundation, the longer my skin will stay fresh and nice, and I am really grateful to her for teaching me that, because if it wasn’t her watching me really careful regarding this issue than I would certainly look like a clown all the time I were going to school and stuff.

  4. Tyrese says:

    Hmm, I am disappointed with the article as I was expecting much more from it, than a silly mentioning about the Bobby Brown’s cosmetics and that’s it. I am sure she has a couple of hidden masks for the face that she keeps for herself only. Anyways I am sure that one day she will reveal them as well. My secret of a very smooth and happy skin is that once per month I cover myself completely with olive oil, wrap myself into a blanket and sleep like this the entire night, and the next day I wake up looking like a new born with skin that simply radiates from freshness.