Katy Perry reaches 50m twitter followers

katy-perry-universal-music-group-2014-post-grammy_4042549 This weekend Katy Perry has amassed 50 million followers on Twitter. This makes her the most-followed person on the social networking website, leaving Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga behind.

The singer reached the amazing number of followers after adding 18 million followers over the last twelve months.

She tweeted at the weekend: ”What a raging Friday night! Made a sandwich. Watched The Business of Being Born. Hung out with a cat. Oh yeah AND we grew to 50 million Katycats! Eh, regular day at the office.”

Katy also urged her fans to follow her boyfriend John Mayer. ”FOLLOW @JohnMayer who’s account has basically been in a coma state for a couple of years. Let’s update him on all the cat youtubes he may have missed pls! Thanks,” she added.


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One response to “Katy Perry reaches 50m twitter followers”

  1. Bob says:

    Katy Perry is a great singer and simply a gorgeous woman. I admire and respect her talent so, no wonders she is very popular and not in social network only. I am sure the singer will collect more followers on twitter in the nearest future. I admire Katy and with her much success in er singing career.