Keira Knightley: Jack Ryan role is lighter

keira-knightley-at-jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-movie-premiere-in-hollywood-january-2014_1 Being widely known for her dramatic roles in period movies, Keira Knightley signed up for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to make a change and do something lighter.

The actress wanted to get away from her usual dark roles and star in ”pure entertainment” action thriller.

Speaking to the Independent on Saturday’s Radar magazine, she said: ”I wanted to do different things, really. I’ve been doing, over the last five years, an awful lot of very dark pieces of work. I wanted to get to do something that was lighter. Jack Ryan is popcorn, a pure piece of entertainment. I thought, ‘I haven’t done a pure piece of entertainment for at least six, seven years.’ ”

However, Keira still loves period dramas and says she won’t apologize for starring in so many of them.

keira-knightley-serious-fun-childrens-network-gala_3980010”When I was younger I felt like I really was doing something wrong for doing period films. I think I’ve now got to where I can stop apologizing for that bit, and go, I love them, I’ve always loved them, I love doing them,” she added.

”I think it’s something to do with me and the way my imagination and fantasy world works – I love that you can just dive into it.”

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5 responses to “Keira Knightley: Jack Ryan role is lighter”

  1. Nicki says:

    Keira Knightley is a great actress and she does her job brilliantly. She is perfect with the dark drama heavy characters and I am sure that lighter role was a piece of cake for her. I like light and entertainment movies as ell as drama. Everything just depends on my mood and what I would like to watch at this very moment. Keira loves drama and why not let her do what she really likes?

  2. Rese says:

    Keira is a brilliant actress, she is doing great her job and I am sure she can cope with almost any ole. I am happy she enjoys acting drama roles as this is a harder task in my mind. I would be happy to see her in a ‘lighter’ amplua as well. Well, this is going to be a change from what we got used to, but therefore fresh and new and captivating!

  3. Nanny says:

    I think Keira Knightley, has always been a very reserved person and actress, and it is no wonder she performs mostly in dramatic genre of movies. I guess this genre is more appealing to her heart. In order to do something at the highest possible level it is very important to love what you are doing. If you are not very happy with what you do, than you would probably never achieve some great successes. I have always lived according to the rule, that before trying to do something new I should start loving the thing I am doing, and due to this concept I were always succeeding. The power of thought really works. I love the movie “Pride and Prejudice” and think that this image that she created in it is very much alike her own personality, maybe that is why it is so easy to perform this kind of characters for her, because she is not really acting but being mostly herself? Well this is the mystery that time will show to us, and till that moment I will keep enjoying her movies.

  4. Christy says:

    I guess Keira Knightley is a pearl in the today cinema industry, as she managed to play so many roles, yes I will admit that the majority of those roles are characters that are pretty much one type, but even though she played them very well. I don’t know where from she is gathering all the powers, as she is quite skinny, and as a result I get the feeling that she is also very fragile, but she proved to be not that fragile and helpless as she looks like, for example in the movie “ The Pirate of Caribbean” she really endured many things. So yeah, she is stronger than she looks like. The role that amazed me most of all was in the movie “Anna Karenina”, it is interesting as I would never imagine her in it, so if I wouldn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t buy it.

  5. Dana says:

    I like Keira, not only as an actress but also as a personality, she is so different all the time, I like her ability to change the mood, now she is smiling and radiates a lot of happiness and next moment she already looks sad like all the possible worst things in the world have just happened to her and there is nothing she can do about that. I like the genre of the majority roles she has played; she is the type of girl with a fun smile, but very sad eyes. I am thinking with whom of other Hollywood actresses I can compare her, and realize that there are no other actresses of the same kind, she is genuine and one in her kind. Though I think it would be fun to see her in some fun movie, she has a nice smile, so she needs a role where she can show it more.