Keith Urban: Nicole is great at organizing family life


Balancing family life and busy career can be a real challenge. Celebrity couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman know this very well, but according to Keith they manage to run their careers and raise kids so successfully thanks to Nicole’s excellent skills when it comes to organizing.

Speaking on the red carpet before the Academy of Country Music Awards, Urban said: ” I always give props to Nic. Because we travel so much as a family, she does an amazing job keeping everybody together. She’s got the kids’ schedule dialed in, she’s dropping them off even in the middle of her work. I couldn’t do any of this without her.”

”Trying to block out time never seems to work. So if she’s shooting a film – she was in Morocco, so we’re like, ‘OK, we’re gonna go to Morocco for a holiday’. We just kind of had one while she was working,” he added.


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4 responses to “Keith Urban: Nicole is great at organizing family life”

  1. Tessa says:

    It is great to have such an amazing wife as Nicole, who can organize everything in a family. Keith Urban is a lucky man, a happy husband and father. I admire Nicole and her dedication to the family and ability to organize things. I wish I could teach this in myself. It is very good when couples can manage between successful career and harmonious family life.

  2. Radha says:

    Actually I am very happy for Nicole, she finally got what she deserved, she is a very kind woman, despite all the latest roles that she performed, and she truly is a good person. Tom Cruise was never good enough for her, and nevertheless she tried and did everything she could in order to save their marriage, but well, sometimes there are simply not that many things that a person can do. Women never lose the faith in their men and in the fact that they will be able to change them, same as men always think that their women will never go away, well what can I say, it is obviously a wrong assumption from both sides of the genres. I think it is great that she is able to comprise both family, and her work, probably it is mostly due to Keith, and his understanding. That is the key to a successful relationship- mutual respect and understanding.

  3. Keyra says:

    Hmm I think that the entire family has a very interesting life, probably it looks like, and hmm what do we have for this month? Awe yeah, yeah right Nicole is shooting in New Orleans, ok family we are going for a vacation to New Orleans. I mean I am surely glad for them, and for the fact that Keith is able to leave his job that easily in order to follow Nicole. But I am wondering what will they do when kids will go to school? In this situation it will be very difficult for them to leave school each time their parents have some things to do on the other side of the world. Hopefully the good planner Nicole has an idea for this kind of situation as well; otherwise it will be a shame.

  4. Patty says:

    I guess this is exactly the kind of marriage I would like to have in the future. There my husband is not bugging me all the time, with this or that thing and all he is doing is being there for me, instead of trying to give me some hard time, for the fact that my carrier goes much better than his own one. I hate this kind of men, who are being so envy for the fact that their women are more successful than they are, that they are ready to ruin their family, and everything in order to feel better. While if there is understanding and the spirit of doing everything together, than I am sure that everything will be just fine, with them and their family.