Kellan Lutz helped dog shelter in Bulgaria

kellan-lutz-z100s-jingle-ball-2013_3998292 While he was in Bulgaria, filming his new movie The Legend of Hercules, Kellan Lutz did some charity work as well. The actor helped raise money for a local dog shelter.

This wasn’t his first time in Bulgaria. Kellan previously visited the country when he was working on The Expendables 3 and he was sad to see so many abandoned dogs on the streets of Sofia.

He said, “There’s no laws in Bulgaria against what you do with your pets and… there’s strays everywhere and it breaks my heart how un-taken care of they are and there’s this amazing organization that would rescue the dogs.

“They hold 500 dogs in this small facility and they don’t euthanize. So all of the cast from Hercules, we decided to help out and we’d go there on our off days and walk the dogs. We even named one Hercules, and someone in Dublin, I believe, bought Hercules from them. We also raised over $200,000 for this place.”

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One response to “Kellan Lutz helped dog shelter in Bulgaria”

  1. Jack says:

    Kellan Lutz has a big and vey kind heart! I am happy he did charity while in Bulgaria. I hope they introduce the new laws in this country to protect eh pets. I hope what Kellan did will attract the attention of the authorities to the existing problem in this country.