Kelly Brook and David McIntosh to do wedding reality show


It is said that Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are in talks to do a wedding reality show.

The couple got engaged last month after only 12 weeks of dating and they are considering a docu-series that would show preparations for their wedding.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”It’s early days but Kelly and David have started talks about some sort of series that will be filmed in the build-up to their wedding. They both think it could make a funny, entertaining show and could also pocket them a few quid.”

”David loves the limelight and will do anything to stay famous. He’s already been looking into getting on Big Brother and Kelly is right behind him on the idea,” the insider added.

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6 responses to “Kelly Brook and David McIntosh to do wedding reality show”

  1. Hamilton says:

    Can Kelly do better, yes. Did anyone think she would end up with a man like this, no. Is this relationship a shame, I really do not know. Am I bothered about this relationship, no not in a bad way like some. So it leaves me to say, I have no idea why anyone would watch this consciously coupled lovers on a reality show? I would bet her parents would not even watch. With that said, I still do wish them all the best!

  2. Tony says:

    Was a “Bootneck” with this guy and all he wanted to do was show off. RM Brochure, Unarmed Combat display team etc, made him very unpopular. Us Marines don’t do chubsters ( I know its shallow , but that’s just how it is, fitness is everything) so I can guarantee you he is in it for the fame.

  3. Martine says:

    Something odd about them. He always has to walk ahead of her as if he is the important one. Body language reveals so much about a person.

  4. Zara says:

    Well, what can I say some people were simply born for a show, and not in rare cases they are turning their entire life into a show, by forgetting of such simple and yet needed things like personal life, and personal space. I feel sorry for Kelly Brook, as she never learned how to divide those things. And something tells me that if their wedding will really happen than it will not last for too long, as I am sure they do everything for the sake of the show, and not because they have some feelings. And it is really sad. I hate when people are acting this way, than they are forgetting about life’s important things for the sake of money, while doing that a huge part of soul is getting lost.

  5. Jane says:

    Actually I do am watching all those shows I mean the reality ones, and they are nice, but I always get the feeling that they are not real as they are supposed to be, but are going according to some scenario. Yeah I understand that it is done for the sake of rating, but it also means that people in them are playing some roles which are not a very good thing, especially for them. This way little by little they get used to the thing that they do not have feelings towards each other for real, but are being together for the sake of the show, so the more they give up on each other, the more they are being popular, so the question is the money really worthy for losing such an important thing as love?

  6. Nikki says:

    Well getting engaged after twelve weeks of dating, sounded weird to me from the very first beginning, but now the picture became perfectly clear in my head. Those two were simply playing roles while mentioning their engagement. All is a big spectacle aimed to earn some money, first they will pretend they are a very happy couple, than little by little they will start fighting, and eventually the bigger their fights will be, the higher would be the ratings of the show, and eventually everything will finish with a loud divorce and a variety of mutual “compliments” mentioned in public. Well it is a classical scenario for reality show about people who will get married soon, same happened with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lashey.