Kim and Kanye’s yoga love lessons

kim_kardashian_and_kanye_west_692783 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are eager to spice up their love life so they decided to take up yoga lessons.

Kim has recently hired a private yoga instructor to show her and her fiancé how to do yoga in a Hatha style in order to make them more flexible.

A source said: ”Kim says if their bodies are more flexible, it will make their love life even better. She has convinced him that it’s good for his state of mind and if he finds inner peace, he will be even more creative.”

The rapper seems to like this new yoga exercise and he is very much interested in achieving spiritual balance.

”Kanye likes to see himself as spiritual and a great thinker, and suddenly he’s getting all enthusiastic about Buddhism and finding his karma,” the insider added.

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One response to “Kim and Kanye’s yoga love lessons”

  1. Alice says:

    Hatha yoga is a very good way to find an inner balance between your inner self and your body. Yoga helps to build the equilibrium in all the spheres of life, including health, wealth, creative nature and love. So, Kim and Kanye did the right way getting to Hatha yoga. I am enrolling on the list for yoga class too. I will report about the results after some time.