Kim Kardashian and Kanye West taking time off after wedding


After their Paris wedding on May 24, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be taking some time off from work so they could focus on their family and spend some quality time together.

The couple will go to their honeymoon right after their nuptials, but they are also planning to take an extended break from work and enjoy family time.

A source told People: ”They’re planning on taking some time off for sure. They’re used to busy schedules but they want to have some downtime as newlyweds – and together as a family.”

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5 responses to “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West taking time off after wedding”

  1. Chica says:

    Busy schedules! What busy schedules?! You mean busy finding ways to be relevant!!! Kim needs to be taught the whole concept of what the meaning of marriage vows are, and not use them as a toy to play with, and throw away when she’s tired of it, or if it’s not working towards her advantage! OH! I forgot look at
    her crazy over 50 mom Kris. Like mother, like daughter! I don’t know what Kanye has done to Kim, but her whole outer look has changed. She barely smiles, or has any expressions. Kim like Beyonce have this look that reminds me of “The Stepford Wives” (scary). She use to always have at least a smile on her face before Kanye, and now nothing! What’s really going on! The Kardashians are such a dysfunctional family, and it’s very scary that our society is accepting of their indiscretions. I have come to realize the only way they will go away is if we all stop giving them attention by commenting on these posts, and so on.

  2. Anna Monica says:

    How about a permanent vacation to Iraq? Kim wouldn’t have to worry about what she’s going to wear everyday. With Kantye’s attitude towards women and people in general that would be perfect for him!

  3. Kim says:

    What can be better than spending time together, especially after the wedding and considering the fact that they both are very public people and cannot spent too much time together due to their busy schedules. Kim Kardashian as well as her almost husband Kanye West do need some in order to dedicate it to each other, as well as to their baby North. I am very happy for them, they really earned the happiness they are going through right now, as both of them had some really difficult relationships before they met each other, and before they finally have decided to open their hearts and to trust each other so much that could let each other in their heart.

  4. Kate says:

    I think that Kim Kardashian very soon will become one of the happiest women this Earth has ever knew, and it is all due to Kanye, he really is an awesome man, who knows how to make his woman happy and proud of him. I always had the idea that he is a brutal and not very caring man, but now I do realize how wrong I was, as all the things that he is doing for Kim, even the fact that all of his friends are against their relationship are showing that he is a real man who doesn’t care about the society as long as his woman is smiling to him and makes him the happiest man on the Earth. I wish lots of harmony and happiness to this beautiful couple.

  5. Talia says:

    Finally I hear that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set a certain date of their wedding, honestly speaking I am so sick and tired of reading all the articles about their wedding, of how marvelous it will be, how many guests they have and how much will they spend even on invitations. I mean seriously? Don’t you people have some more decent options where to spend all of your money? There are millions of people on the Earth who are suffering from lack of food or water, and instead of helping them and do something great for this world people are spending hundreds of thousands on some stupid invitations. I am shocked. Of course I am happy for them and for the fact that they have found each other, but it is about time to stop focusing on the wedding and start thinking of more serious and global stuff. I guess spending time alone with their family is the best wedding gift they could ever offer from each other, sometimes it is very good to escape from all of the work routine, so what can be better than escaping with the love of your life?