Kim Kardashian wants another baby


According to a source close to Kim Kardashian, she and Kanye West will try for another baby before the end of the year.

Reportedly, Kim really wants her daughter North to have a brother or sister who is closer to her in age and she is willing to do that even though she hated her first pregnancy.

A source told Yahoo! Celebrity: ”She wants to start trying by the end of the year – even though she hated being pregnant. She’s so besotted with North that she says she’s totally forgotten the awfulness of being pregnant and how much she struggled.”

The insider added: ”Kim has such a big family that she feels it’s really important there isn’t a huge age gap between North and her siblings. She’s got her body back and loves being slim and voluptuous, but she’s going to relish it for a few more months and then try for another child after the wedding, even on honeymoon.”

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5 responses to “Kim Kardashian wants another baby”

  1. Jessica says:

    Kanye, please, please, please, have followed up with you your stories your life you are a very strong person you have brain you strong your face but inside you are soft and good Kanye, you have worked so had to be were you are today don’t destroy it don’t save it keep it don’t let Kim destroy your life don’t let her put you down, Kanye, listen to Kim Ex husband Damon Thomas Kim use people don’t marry this woman don’t, Kanye, please I wish your dear mother was a life I no what she we do please brother don’t marry Kim.

  2. Trinke says:

    Well I am surprised to read this article, as all the things I have read before about Kim Kardashian were not very good, that is why I am surprised to read that she is so much into having more children, honestly speaking I always thought that North was her way of keeping the Kanye West with her for good, as he showed himself being a gentleman right from the beginning. So now I am happy for him, as it seems that Kim is not that bad as media was showing her before. Or maybe she just changed together with the person she loves, or for the sake of the person she loves. We all change when we find that one and crazy person we want to be with, for the rest of our lives. I can say that I have changed a lot when I met my future husband.

  3. Jaden says:

    I am so happy for them, they are becoming one of those example families, really close to Jay Z and Beyonce (though those ones are hard to get as they are perfect). Can’t wait to see their other child, and hopefully this time it will be a boy, I am sure Kanye will teach him many things, and will show himself being a great daddy. It is one thing for a man being a father to a daughter, of course he loves her eternally, but at the same time all he is able to do is spoiling her, while with a boy it is already a different thing. A boy is the person who gets all the knowledge that are being transmitted from a man to a man in the family.

  4. Willie says:

    Good job Kim! She is so good at producing wonderful baby girls into this world, that she really needs to try some more, as the world needs beautiful people in its rows. No mentioning the fact how happy she will make her beloved husband with another child. I am sure right now Kanye West thinks he is the happiest man ever in the world as he got his beautiful wife, and they have a baby daughter together, but I am sure that he will be even happier than he will also have a son, and some more children.

  5. Kate says:

    I want, I want, I want….me, me, me,………..gimme, gimme, gimme,……….What a shallow, horrid couple, but I suppose it gives Kimmie a good excuse for stuffing her face again and once more turning into a big fat blob!