Kirsten Dunst: Kissing Brad Pitt Was Disgusting

Kirsten-Dunst-kirsten-dunst-193866_1280_1024 Women and girls across the world would give anything just to touch Brad Pitt but Kirsten Dunst actually kissed him and she hated it. Remember the movie Interview With the Vampire? Kirsten played the role of a woman vampire trapped in a child’s body and there is a scene in which she kisses Pitt.  “It was just a peck,” she said for Bullet magazine. “I remember Brad would watch lots of ‘Real World’ episodes. He had this long hair. He was just a hippie-ish cool dude. Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer.”

The actress spoke about the kissing scene back in 1998 and later in some other interviews. “Kissing Brad was so uncomfortable for me. I remember saying in interviews that I thought it was gross, that Brad had cooties. I mean, I was 10.” She explained: “It was horrible, and I hated it. Brad and Tom were like my big brothers on the set, so it was like kissing your big brother -totally gross! He said, ‘How do you think I feel? I have to kiss a little girl.’ It was awful!”994ITV_Brad_Pitt_050

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