Kirsten Dunst wants to work with Judd Apatow

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After starring in some serious dramas, Kirsten Dunst made a brief return to comedy in Bachelorette and is willing to do more, but not with just anyone.

The 32-year-old actress says making a comedy is a challenging task and she would like to work with Judd Apatow.

Asked whether she wanted to make more comedies, she said: ”Yes, but it all depends on the director. A comedy needs a lot of effort, it’s much harder than it looks. I think I’d like to make a film with Judd Apatow.”

And Jude is not the only person Kirsten would like to team up with.

”Michael Haneke, to start with: he’s got a magnificent style and knows how to shoot actresses. And I speak German, so hopefully it would be an advantage! And also Quentin Tarantino,” she added.

kirsten-dunstSpeaking about her career in general, Dunst said that success depends on people you work with and choices you make.

She explained: ”There is no secret: everything depends on the choices you make. And the people you surround yourself with. If you work with the right people, you progress and keep going. It’s up to you. Do you know how many roles of depressive women I was offered after Melancholia? Luckily, I made Bachelorette just after, which pushed me in a new direction.”

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3 responses to “Kirsten Dunst wants to work with Judd Apatow”

  1. Olivia says:

    One more proof to me that blonde women are very stupid. Kirsten Dunst is one of the stupidest women I have ever met in my entire life; I mean I have ever read of. She says she wants to work in the comedy genre and at the same time she says she wants to work with Quentin Tarantino, is she nuts or what is fuck** wrong with her!? Apatow and Tarantino are two movie directors that are working in a completely opposite direction from each other, so for me it is simply nonsense to read about a girl who decides that she wants to work in comedy genre, but doesn’t know with whom from them at all, that is a creepy non sense.

  2. Zara says:

    I haven’t seen the “Melancholia” movie, and honestly speaking don’t even dream about seeing it, because of Kirsten Dunst, I guess I am one of those people who simply cannot stand her, for some reason I feel that she is such a unpleasant person, and I know for sure that this is not the kind of person I want to speak about. I guess she is the type of American teenager who managed to have same awkward brain even after growing up into an adult person, and it is a shame, as I really wish she was better than she is trying to show. When I saw the movie Bachelorette I didn’t even knew what to do afterwards, as it is very difficult for me to call it comedy it is more of a drama, than of a comedy.

  3. Paula says:

    Well it is good the fact that Kirsten Dunst is only looking into the future and dreams about becoming better and better by each day passing, but at the same time I think she is quite wrong in the way she does that. Like for example in this interview she underlined a few movie producers, and done that not in a very nice way, as I am sure there are a lot of other movie directors who are not less good or maybe even better, and surely after reading this kind of article they will not feel a huge desire to work with this kind of actress who became very arrogant for no reason, after all she is not Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts!