Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross at Coachella

kristen It was an awkward moment for Kristen Stewart at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The actress and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson showed up at the festival to enjoy the show but it wasn’t so pleasant for Kristen when she saw Liberty Ross standing near them.

Liberty’s husband Rupert Sanders and the actress had a brief affair last year. After that Kristen broke up with Rob and Liberty filed for divorce. Stewart and Pattinson reconciled but Sanders’ marriage is definitely over. His soon-to-be ex-wife showed up at the festival with her new boyfriend Jimmy Lovine and, according to witnesses, she wasn’t upset by seeing Kirsten at the event.A

The actress, on the other hand, was very uncomfortable. A source told The Sun: ”Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her – and she still feels incredibly guilty. She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves. The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.” The witnesses say that Pattinson was in a great mood. At least someone had a good time.

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