Kristen Stewart and Riley Keough’s awkward encounter

Kristen-Stewart There’s been a lot of talk lately that Robert Pattinson is dating Riley Keough. We can only imagine what Kristen Stewart thinks about that but she sure wasn’t glad to run into Riley the Joan Jett gig at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Thursday (August 1).

Reportedly, the two ladies briefly chatted and friends say it was awkward. A source told HollywoodLife: ”It was weird when they saw each other, because Kristen didn’t look very happy when she walked over to give her a hug. They spoke for like two minutes and then Riley and her girlfriend walked away. Kristen watched the show from upstairs and I am pretty sure Riley kept her distance and was watching from downstairs.”

riley-keough-robert-pattinson-dating-0703-19-400x470Previously, another source said that Rob and Riley love spending time together at home. The insider said: ”Rob and Riley are having a really great time together, even though it’s very early. There is an attraction to each other. They just get each other. Rob thinks Riley has a cool level head and is not impressed by stardom at all. Rob just loves that about her. He loves that she’ll go into his kitchen for like 10 minutes and come back with a delicious plate of pasta.”

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