Lea Michele hopes to land ‘American Horror Story’ role


Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Lea Michele has revealed she would love to get a role in the next season of American Horror Story.

The actress says she will play Rachel Berry on Glee for as long as the show’s creator Ryan Murphy wants her to, but would gladly join his other TV project for the fourth season.

“I come from Broadway and on Broadway you stay in a show and that’s it. You make it your home. So for me, I like the schedule, I like the routine, and I love Ryan and I love Rachel Berry. So I’ll be Rachel singing in a senior citizens home for everyone,” Lea told Ellen.

“I’ve literally have said before that I will work for Ryan Murphy for the rest of my life. Unless he wants to put me on American Horror Story, I know what the theme is for next year and I’m in if he’ll have me at least maybe for one episode,” she added.


Lea’s debut album ‘Louder’ is reaching the top of the charts and she is happy with how it turned out.

She said: “Over the two years of recording it, it took different sounds, and we were very poppy for a while. And then, it got a little darker and then we found a really good, I think, balance on the whole record.”

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4 responses to “Lea Michele hopes to land ‘American Horror Story’ role”

  1. Mark says:

    Lea Michele is a great actress and definitely very talented. She is very energetic lady and if she can manage between the shots for the two TV series, why not? I would be happy to see her in both ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’. She just adds charms and sexiness to both TV series and I will be eagerly waiting for the continuation of the seasons with her in the cast. I need to confess get quite excited about that.

  2. Olga says:

    I really admire Lea Michele, she is very strong woman, as going through the hell that she went through and not going crazy is already a great achievement. I can only imagine how hard for her was to go through the death of her beloved Cory Monteith, it is hard to resemble with the fact that the person we loved and were together with yesterday stop existing today. I am glad she didn’t go on the wrong path such as alcohol or drugs and stayed concentrated on her work. It is good to hear that she is a singer, honestly speaking, before I thought that she is an actress only, now I am a bit curious to hear how she is singing, I remember how surprised I was to hear that Anna Kendrick is singing, and the more my surprise was when I heard her singing, as she is quite good in it, love that song.

  3. Tanny says:

    Lea is so talented, and works really hard in order to achieve the things that she has, I am glad for her, as not every person is able to follow the ambitions and make the dreams come true, she was able to make them true, and it is a wonderful thing. honestly speaking after the death of her partner in the filming as well as of life, I thought she will finish doing same shit as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, I mean going completely crazy and wild, but the good thing is that she never didn’t. When God is taking something from us, he does it for some great reason, and I believe that this reason is for her to find someone better than Cory. It is a pity she could not make him say no to drugs in his life, but she really tried, and this drama is something that will stay for good in her life. Some things that are being done in our life, it is simply impossible to erase from the mind and memory.

  4. Jordan says:

    I guess it is very nice from Lea Michele to stay stick to the movie producer Ryan Murphy, just because being grateful to him for discovering her talent. It makes me sick when I read how young stars after becoming popular spill on the people who were helping them from the very first beginning and pretend like they never helped, and all the fame is an own merit. Finally I see at least one young actress who is not like that. Alleluia.