Leah Remini: Jennifer Lopez helped me reclaim spirituality

leah-remini Leaving Church of Scientology after being their member for 30 years was a decision Leah Remini made after a dispute with religious leader David Miscavige over some of the group’s strict policies.

However, things weren’t easy for the actress as she had to rebuild her spirituality and reevaluate her beliefs after spending years believing in something she now thinks is wrong, and she is thankful to her good friend Jennifer Lopez for helping her deal with everything.

Speaking to Buzzfeed.com, Leah said: “One of the things I do is look in a mirror and say, ‘I love you, Leah. You’re doing the best you can do.’ Jennifer made special rings for all the women in her life that say, ‘I Love Me,’ and I’ve really come to realize you have to love yourself before you can expect someone else to. You have to learn to believe you deserve love. And I’m getting there. I’m starting to believe it.”

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3 responses to “Leah Remini: Jennifer Lopez helped me reclaim spirituality”

  1. Leo says:

    Jennifer Lopez did a great job, supporting her friend Leah Remini. Yes, we need to love ourselves before expecting someone else to love us. The law of action works here as well. So, if you hate yourself do not expect others to love you and vice versa. The Universe just replies the impulses we send to it.

  2. Juliya says:

    I am glad to her that Jenny has proved to be a great friend and helped Leah to gain back her spirituality and her belief in people around her. Recently Leah was very frustrated and even infuriated with the people from her Scientologic church. I am happy to her she is over these negative and destructive emotions.

  3. kit says:

    Wow, that is so nice from Jennifer Lopez to create those rings with the saying “I love me” and giving those to all the women in her scientology group. Hmm, it is actually a bit weird to read something like this, because Jennifer in practically all of the interviews is described as an arrogant bi**h who doesn’t really care about the people surrounding her, and does everything she can in order to piss off everyone she can. I think that is not nice, and if it is said in that many different sources, than probably there is a bit of truth in that no matter how hard Jennifer denies all of those rumors, but at the same time she has a kind heart which is willing to help people around her at the same time. So maybe she is acting this way mostly due to the fact that she was hurt not once and it made her building solid walls all around her. Well those are just my little guesses, only she knows the truth. And I am glad for Leah Remini who was finally able to find her piece and get her religious belief back; I know how hard it is to live while being disappointed about the thing that you believed most in.