Lena Dunham to receive gay rights honor

lena-dunham Gay advocacy group Point Foundation announced that they will honor Lena Dunham with an LGBT award for publicly voicing her support for gay and lesbian rights.

The Girls creator will be handed her award during a gala at the New York Public Library in April.

Point Foundation CEO Jorge Valencia said: “There is no one better at conveying the ambition of today’s young adults to overcome obstacles and realize their great potential than Lena Dunham. Dunham uses intelligent humor and compassion to present an honest appraisal of something our Point Scholars know all too well: the struggle to be comfortable in your own skin.”

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2 responses to “Lena Dunham to receive gay rights honor”

  1. Mike says:

    I support Lena Dunham. I like what she does and her methods that realty works. I believe that all people are equal despite their race, nationality, social status, country of living, interests, priorities, cultures, orientations and so on. It is very important to feel comfortable in their own skin for everyone.

  2. Michele says:

    Gays are also human beings and if they feel good in what the do –le them live and leave them alone! I just do not understand hwy they are so angry combating their rights. This looks like ‘zombie mania’ of the 21st century and I believe that soon, we are heterosexuals are going to disappear and stand up our rights. This is a very possible outcome and, honesty it is frightening me.