Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar would be meaningful

leonardo-dicaprio-us-premiere-of-the-wolf_4002218 Leonardo DiCaprio, who previously landed three Oscar nominations, admits he would like to receive the award someday and believes that his new movie The Wolf of Wall Street deserves recognition.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ”Of course it would be meaningful to win an Oscar. I think everyone wants to be recognized by their peers, absolutely, without question. But the truth of the matter is, you learn very quickly you have absolutely no control of what critics or audiences are going to think. You really just have to do everything you can to make the best film. That’s the one thing that I do know.”

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One response to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar would be meaningful”

  1. Sherill says:

    Leo is right, again and again! I am happy he is not pretending he never dreamt of getting an Oscar. We all want to get the reward for what we do and get our peers’ appreciation. The same goes about cinematography. Leo does a colossal acting work and is definitely, one of my favorite actors. I wish him and the movie The Wolf of Wall Street win Oscar. Let this New Year be special for Leo. He de s his bets and deserves this reward and our appreciation, I am sure!