Leonardo Dicaprio’s monologue troubles

168896791JD00016_The_Great_ Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that while working on his new movie The Wolf Of Wall Street he was so nervous about the long, high-energy monologue he had to shoot, he fell ill.

“I had never had a monologue like that in my life – I mean, one went on for four pages. It was amazing. And there was such a lead-up to it, it was almost like an adrenaline dump,” the actor said.

“I immediately got sick. I was supposed to get up there in front of 600 extras and give this giant Braveheart-like speech on greed, and my throat just seized up. I got strep throat. Thank God, I got a couple days to rethink all of it and prepare myself, get better.”

Leonardo‚Äôs co-star Jonah Hill added: “I have a great picture of you with all the medicine. He had like 9,000 medicine bottles.”

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One response to “Leonardo Dicaprio’s monologue troubles”

  1. paul says:

    Wow! This is impressive! I would never have thought that such a great movie star as Leonardo DiCaprio would be so nervous about an upcoming long monologue. You always think that such people, with so much experience are no longer getting goose bumps before acting certain scenes. Well, as this article proves Leo is just an ordinary person as we all are and I am very happy to learn this fact about his wonderful and unique personality.