Leonardo DiCaprio’s obsession with jackets

leonardo-dicaprio-the-19th-annual-critics-choice_4028326 In an interview with Britain’s Hello! Magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed he has an unusual obsession.

The actor says he doesn’t spend much on clothes, but can’t resist a good jacket, even if he already has a similar one in his wardrobe.  

Asked about his biggest temptation, he said: “Buying jackets. I’m not a fancy car or private plane sort of person. I don’t even have a huge amount of clothes, but if I see a jacket and I already have one like it but the collar’s different or it’s fluffier or softer, I’ve got to have it.”

DiCaprio says he isn’t very extravagant and the most expensive thing he has ever bought was a house for his mother. “A house for my mom early on is the most expensive thing I’ve bought,” he said. “Then I bought her a bigger one. I also bought a Warhol, but my mom’s house cost more.”

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One response to “Leonardo DiCaprio’s obsession with jackets”

  1. Katy says:

    An interesting fact to learn about Leo! His jackets are always great and are very becoming to him. I am happy to find that Leo doesn’t have many clothes as men shouldn’t be like women about this fact. I like he likes keeping things simple and doesn’t like to show of in the public wearing a cap and sun glasses. I believe he is a great humble man in real life.